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Ruediger has evolved into a go-to supplier for prefab wall frames and trusses across South Australia. With projects from Yorke Peninsula, Gawler, the South Coast Adelaide Hills and Eyre Peninsula . We can supply and install almost any commercial or residential project. As a licensed MiTek Fabricator we have access to their advanced software and engineered products.



Tyson and Amy established Ruediger Constructions in 2014 starting as an on-site First Fix Carpentry business.

After recognizing a need in the market for reliable supply, in 2017 Ruediger started manually constructing prefab wall frames off site to make the building process more efficient.

These efficiencies escalated and we have developed a full end to end adaptable solution for prefab construction in our premises in Willaston. Supplying and installing prefab wall frames, floor and roof trusses.

Tyson has more than 14 years’ experience in the Carpentry Trade- with exceptional problem-solving skills and technical ability Tyson thrives on producing quality carpentry results and building long term relationships within the industry. Tyson has expertise in planning carpentry construction projects, defining scopes of work and managing material and labour costs.

Amy has a passionate interest in running the business- focusing on our people, finance, customer satisfaction and strategic growth.  With a strong commitment in driving the vision, Amy is determined to support the growth and development of the business. 



Why choose Ruediger? We are FTMA approved Carbon Warriors. What does this mean? Timber is sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly. 

Timber is a greenhouse positive product with a lower net environmental impact than most other building materials. It’s one of the only building materials that contribute to the long-term reduction of carbon emissions: positively addressing climate change.

We understand our environmental footprint so we ensure that every piece of 'left over' timber is recycled to be reused until it becomes smaller than a coffee cup.

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